Friday, July 9, 2010


Life is not a bed of roses. It is full of thorns. There are ups and downs in life. Life means perpetual struggle. It is a series of battles. We are to fight hard against cruel realities of life. Our attempts always may not be crowned with success. We may fail once and again but we should not lose heart rather we should take heart and advance with indomitable spirit and invincible will power. We should not consider failure a curse. We should accept it heartily because failure are not really as bad as they are thought to be. Failure is a curse to those who lack in action and have no determination. But failure can not dishearten a man of iron will and firm determination. It develops our latent powers and strengthens our mind. It teachers a man to be self determined. Failure makes us conscious of our defects and helps us to rectify ourselves. We can know the reason of our unsuccessful from failure. Then we can start our work with new energy and finish it successfully. So failure, instead of damping our spirits, paves and way to success. Failures make us wiser, more patient and more practical. History is replete with the examples of the great men who did not allow their spirits to be damped at the first failure. They tried heart and soul once and again and in this way they succeed in life. So it can be said that failures are the pillar of success.


The well known proverb has a deep meaning in it. It warns us against the danger of shallow knowledge. So a man with little learning poses to be a vast learned man and behaves in the most artificial way. He always talks big and wants to prove himself a man of letters. He brings no good to the society. He does more harm than good. He does not care for the others, opinion. He is not headed and uncover. He always boasts of his learning. He with his shallow knowledge leads man in the wrong path. However, he is a laughing stock before a circle of real educated persons. On the other hand, a learned man is sober, soft and sound. He is polite and gentle in his manner. He never boasts of his learning’s. He does not talk much. He attracts one to all with the depth of his knowledge. He has the strength of mind and brain. The more he learns, the more does he feel that he has learnt a little. He has many things to learn. He thinks that he is an iota in the ocean of knowledge. But a man of little learning does not think so. He thinks that he has learnt a lot.


The proverb teaches us a good lesson. It teaches us that we should do the right thing at the right moment because timely action brings for us great success and achievement and prevents great loss. By observing the proverb we can save ourselves from all those injuries which arise from our neglect. We are naturally easy gong and indolent. We do not like to finish a thing at its right moment. We are averse to repair a small defect. We first treat a little defect as trifle and thus a little defect grows apace and acquires the strength of a giant. But any weakness or defect should not be allowed to grow and take a firm root in us. It should be nipped in the bud. Nothing grows so quickly and appears to be venomous as an evil, so it should be remedied at the first opportunity. So we should form the habit of doing a thing at the proper time and this will save us from a lot of troubles. We should make our mind to act promptly. We must be always well prepared for all things. Thus the proverb is of great importance to us.


Moss does not gather on a stone which rolls from place to place. Similarly a man who constantly changes his occupation can never win success. No moss of wealth, reputation and honor can gather upon a man who most often changes his profession. If anyone wants to crown his life with success, it is, therefore, necessary that he should adhere to one thing for a long time. A man who constantly changes his vocation in never trusted by the public. He can not command others’ respect. He is such a man that should not be depended upon. His first attempt may not be crowned with success. He should not change his profession. Rather he should stick to it and try again and again. He must never be discouraged. He should not allow his spirits to be damped. An unstable character should be patient and persevering. On the other hand a person who adheres to one thing in spite of recurrent failures can succeed in life. He does not fly from one thing to another. He does not undo his fortune by changing his profession. He remains steady at his job and draws others attention and that is the way to success and prosperity.


Gold is the most precious and useful of al metals. It glitters and looks very beautiful. There are also many worthless things that can be made to glitter but they are not real gold. This means that all that glitters is not gold. So the proverb teaches us that we should not judge a thing on its outward appearance because appearances are deceptive. A man wearing a fine dress may be a gentleman in his outward appearance but in reality he may be a criminal. As a matter of fact the people who are wicked out and out look very polished and gentle. In our day to day life we find many men who pretend to be our real friends and well wishers. They throng round us in our prosperity but they desert us when we are in evil days. Similarly we should not be attracted to a thing which is very showy in its external appearance because the thing may be worthless in quality. On the other hand, an ordinary man will not do any harm to us although he does not seem to be gentle in his outward appearance. So face is not always the index of mind.


True that man is the architect of his own fate. He can achieve what he desires to achieve. It is wrong to think that man’s life on earth is decided by fate. It is not fate but sincer3e efforts and indomitable courage that mould his fate. There is nothing called fate. Fate is fore the superstitious and the weak but not for the brave. A man’s rosy future entirely depends on his own self. There may ups and downs but he should not lose heart. He may face innumerable odd situations and adversities but he should not allow them to damp his spirit. Rather he should be courageous to fight against the misfortunes of life. All his attempts may not be crowned with success but today or tomorrow he is sure to succeed. The human history is replete with glaring examples of men rising to the peak/pinnacle of glory from a humble beginning merely by dint of their hard labor and sincere efforts. On the contrary these who waste time in sheer idleness and lack in courage and spirit depend on fate. They can not do anything noble but stumble in the way of life. The oft quoted example of Robert Bruce is worth mentioning here. He did not submit to his fate but tried his main and might and thus reached his destination. So it can be said that man is the architect of his own career but not fate that shapes his future.


In this transitory mundane life there is nobody who does not nourish within himself the hope of fortune. But fortune does not come automatically. It is to be earned through hard labour and patient diligence. A man has to be perseverant and painstaking to achieve fortune in life. Very few men attain fortune because they do not make a proper division of their time and perform their duties timely. They while away their time in sheer idleness. They lack in mental strength. They have no courage to fight against the failures of life. Once they can not raise their head and erect their backbone. They forget that man falls to rise. They never get the favor of God. On the other hand the men who are industrious, perseverant and hard working win fortune in the end. The men who possess strong will power and exert the strength of mind are sure to attain fortune. They never falter. They are never baffled. They never depend on others. They believe in their strength and power of action. They do not lose heart but work with patience. Sincere efforts and hard work have got reward of its own. So industry is the mother of good luck.


Everybody wants to achieve success but few achieve it. There are many reasons behind this failure. But the most important reason is that most of the people lack in strength of will. Nothing results from mere wishing. A man who is weak minded gives up the hope of success being frightened by the initial difficulties. But if a man does not lose heart and breast the difficulties, he is sure to attain success. Life is nothing but the subtotal of some hours and days. In this short sojourn upon earth life is full of thorns and obstacles. So a man’s effort may not be always crowned with success. But this does not mean that he should give up hope. Rather he should take heart and sticks to another. No obstacle can stand in the way of iron will and strong determination. The human history is full of many glaring examples in this regard.


The proverb means that nothing great and lasting can be done in a hurry. It takes a long time to implement a great task and to give it a done overnight. Once Rome was a city of great splendor and magnificence. She drew the attention of the then civilized world but she did not rise to prominence all on a sudden. It was the result of the patient labour of her people. Her people worked hard for many years and thus brought her to the peak of beauty. In the same way something great in life is earned through hard labour. Great things do not come automatically. They are to be attained, bit by bit. Human life is not a bed of roses. It is full of thorns. He faces many adverse situations but he should not lose heart. Rather he should be patient and courageous of fight against them. The life of the great men whose name is written in gold letters in history teachers us that they attained greatness through patience and hard labour.


A person must fail in his mission if he is not slow and steady. In our day life we see a man of intelligence and abilities fail because he makes haste. He is unsteady and makes a mess of everything. He starts many things at a time thinking that he is able to give them a successful finishing. But in practical it is not possible. It is always dangerous to begin many things hastily. It does not enable a man to rise high. An unsteady man can not reach to his cherished goal. He can not win the race. In the long run he loses the race. He stumbles in his way of life because all his works are haphazardly done. On the other hand a man who is slow and steady can rise high because he accomplishes his work in a well planned way. He does not start many works at the same time because he knows that it is wise to do one thing at a time. He is never hasty. He is able to keep his brain cool and steady and can concentrate his mind fully to a particular job. With the help of this undivided attention he enjoys the victory of laurel. So it can be said that slow and steady wins the race.


This is a well known and popular proverb. The meaning of the proverb is that we must not let any opportunity slip, any chance to get a work done. Instead of missing a chance or an opportunity we must make prompt and full sue of it whenever it comes because we know that chance or opportunity does not come too many, it comes only once. Our life is uncertain. We do not know what is in store for us today and what will be tomorrow. we are quite hearty and healthy today but we may be ill and bed ridden tomorrow. So if we miss any chance or opportunity, we have to suffer a lot because we are not sure that another chance will come and then we will make the best use of that chance. But, as it is clear to us that opportunity does not always come, then it should not be our duty to let go any chance or opportunity unused. Rather we shall employ all our energy and means to make the best use of an opportunity. The wise men of the world do not miss any chance or opportunity. The wise men take the chance at the right moment and do not leave it for tomorrow and in this way they make hay while the sun shines. Then the proverb teaches us a good lesson. It is a call to us to do right thing at the right moment. We should make the best use of our time because to do work in the right time is the key to success.